Breakfast by a canal

Van Gogh Museum (if you go there get an audio tour – it saves a lot of reading)

Guided tour of untourist places by Amsterdam resident and upcoming writer and internet personality, Arne Mosselman! This included lunch of herring in a street market; visits to different sections of the city with sociological commentary; Theo van Gogh memorial; new polders to cater for expansion of the city; Durgerdam, a charming little village on the IJsselmere where we stopped for a cold drink and an unscheduled swim.

Arne showed us the place where he lives – a block of student apartments built by stacking up shipping containers. It looked pretty cool. Amsterdam is fantastic – beautiful buildings, hollyhocks, roses and lavender in flower everywhere, bikes by the thousand, canals, boats, bridges… Utility bikes are very common for carrying children and goods. We saw a bright orange utility bike with a large wooden container at the front in which a young girl sat blowing a bright orange vuvuzela. Her father was pedalling and mother was sitting side-saddle on the back! We also saw a man cycling with a double bass strapped to his back.

Cycle route: Arne’s Amsterdam Tour

Arne leads the way

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