Driebergen to Helmond


Wieteke and Kees capped off a wonderful week by riding with us as far as Echteld. We started early anticipating a hot day. It finally got to 37C – too damn hot!

After a happy/sad parting Rosalie & I headed off on the first autonomous leg of our European odyssey. We swam at a swimming beach on the Maas near Megen but then the day really started hotting up.

MapMyRides had routed us onto N329 which, south of Megen was forbidden to cyclists (with no alternatives immediately available). We rode N329 for a while oblivious of the meaning of the signs until a motorist stopped and explained. So, we abandoned our MapMyRides route and let the Garmin plot a course to Lavinia’s house in Helmond – a task it did flawlessly. It saves a lot of time and tedium navigating large towns like Oss. This town was in the news yesterday as a large company there has just retrenched over 2000 workers. We passed the factory on our way.

It was great to meet Vincent and Sonya and see Lavinia again after so many years. The toast at dinner was to reunions (and healthy backs).

Cycle route:

Driebergen to Helmond

Rosalie on the road

4 Responses to “Driebergen to Helmond”

  1. Marion Says:

    watch out Rosalie! You’re on the wrong side of the road!

  2. Marion Says:

    love reading this travel novel, please keep up the exciting, descriptive, informative, educational, lyrical prose. I look forward to seeing a photo of the modified upright bike Ian and hope that your spine likes it better. There is a lot happening in Adelaide too but it is mostly in our minds. xx

  3. Di van Eck Says:

    Hi there Ian and partner, you are cycling in my part of the Dutch world. Three weeks ago I was where you are today. My home city in Holland is Nijmegen where I have many family and friends. I have been staying there, or rather nearby (12km away) for the past 4 months helping a sick friend fight cancer. So far we have succeeded and he is living a normal healthy life again, having been ready for the grave in mid February. So a great success story.
    I met with Chris Owens this week and he told me about your ride. I think it’s wonderful and I hope you have a great time. It is stinking hot at the moment in Holland, as you know. The locals are flaking but the soccer is keeping them focused. It should be starting in about 6 or 7 hours and then you will see more orange than you’ve ever seen.
    I will have to hear about your adventures when you return. Enjoy the journey. I’ll track your progress on the blog. Good stuff. All the best, Di.

  4. Ros Says:

    Hi Intrepididados what a wonderful journey so far and in your usual energetic mode..I am wandering from church to momument to cafe to my bed for a lay down and then out again at night in Verona..beautiful place but yes Hot hot siestas are good..I AM GOING TO HIRE A BIKE TODAY TO GO FARTHER AFIELD. pity aboutt the Netherlands and world cup. I saw Carmen the opera in the Roman Ampitheatre here what a spectacle prob 5 thousand people..finished at 1.15am! keep well amd hope you are getting better Ian

    love Ros

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