At Lavinia’s


Dutch breakfast –  bread (several varieties), cheese (about 8 varieties), coffee made by Vincent. This is a good start to the day. Lavinia and Vincent showed us around Annatheater and we were impressed with the enormous amount of work  they have done and their success in this endeavour. It was also great to see Vincent’s atelier although he has now established a new one in Deurne where he will have fewer interruptions. He is doing oil paintings now. I hope he will return to printmaking sometime.

We visited Margaret’s friend Mien in Mierlo – she is 85 years old, well and happy with family and friends and her many interests.

Sonia, Lavinia and Vincent’s daughter, turned 14 so there was a big family gathering with lots of cake (3 varieties), a huge pot of spaghetti, lots of uncles, aunts, cousins and friends. It was great to meet Raoul, Constanza, Isis’ husband and children and all the others. We had singing, eating, drinking, dancing, a thunderstorm, a downpour and then we watched the soccer (Germany vs Uruguay).

Lavinia's house

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