Namur to Charleville-Mezieres


It’s nearly midnight so this will be short! The valley of the Meuse is beautiful. We intended to start early which we did, but things always take more time than we expect. It took us about half an hour to travel the first kilometre with Garmin telling us one thing and our good sense telling us another. The river had good bike paths for much of the way with occasional sections of Road to Roubaix style pave. At one point we found our way onto a single track walking path and followed that until a retreat was forced. It’s nice passing locks with boats and barges, grand houses, vegetable gardens, flowers in pots and window boxes everywhere.

The town of Dinant was impressive – it sits in front of a rocky cliff with a huge church, narrow streets, bridge festooned with flags. We found the birthplace of Adolphe Sax, inventor of the saxophone!

We entered France without a definite border and it really looks and feels like a different country. Lunched in Givet and took the autobus the rest of the way to Charleville Mezieres. It’s Bastille Day tomorrow and there are fireworks going off constantly, tricouleurs and other national flags on bridges and buildings.

The Tour de France coverage included a colour story about spectators who were spending their vacation following the tour. They used the music from M. Hulot’s Holiday – a nice cultural reference.

Charleville Mezieres is not really on any tourist trail but it is a beautiful city with a magnificent square, La Place Ducale, as well as many other splendid buildings and public places.

Cycle route:
Namur to Charleville-Mezieres
Around Charleville-Mezieres

Taking a walk on the wild side

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