Reims & Paris


Fresh baguette obtained by Alex.


Short ride to Bermericourt and Brimont.


Quiche and salad made by Claire.


Visit to Reims Cathedral, of which the town is justly proud. It is immense and impressive in every way. It features the angel who smiles (l’ange qui sourit) just above the door; statues of many French kings; grotesque (in a nice way) gargoyles; amazing stained glass windows including the Marc Chagall windows. Maintaining this building is a huge task for the city of Reims and there is renovation work going on all the time. Not sure whether the rate of renovation is greater than the rate of degradation.

Dejeuner chez Claire & Alex

We decided to leave our bikes in Orainville and travel by train to Paris, use the Velib here to get around, then return to Reims and continue cycling from there. The train from Reims to Paris takes about 45 minutes and reaches over 300kph. It was comfortable, quiet and not expensive. We arrived, picked up a map of Paris, walked to the front of Paris Est and there was a Velib station… empty! We waited about 5 minutes and within that time several bikes were returned so we jumped on and frappeed les rues de Paris! The GPS guided us to the Hotel Les Argonautes (small, cool) in le quartier latin (now more le quartier multiculturel). An area more closely packed with restaurants, all tiny, you can scarcely imagine!

We have several Velib stations nearby. Good not to have our own bikes here as there is no safe place to leave them. Velib bikes are everywhere but Paris is not really especially bicycle friendly. However, we’re mixing it with the traffic successfully so far. We did a jaunt along the Seine and saw a few landmarks.

Ukulele a la Tour Eiffel

Demain nous allons faire le flanneur – we’ll look around some more tomorrow!

Route de TGV

Reims a Paris a TGV (check the speed)

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