Paris 2


The street beside our hotel (Hotel Les Argonautes) is called Rue du Chat qui Peche. Quaint!

We returned to Montparnasse (now my spiritual home of roller) for breakfast and to visit the market there. Lots of lovely fruit, vegetables, fish, meat, cheeses of all shapes and sizes and stages of mouldiness, bread and other nice things.

Breakfast in Montparnasse

Next destination: Bois de Boulogne where Ian did his exercises. We are still getting used to the traffic lights here. They are positioned only on the near side of the intersection and we are used to looking further ahead. This resulted in a misinterpretation and that resulted in a beep and short but stern lecture from a gendarme.

L’Arc de Triomphe and Champs Elysees are easier on a Velib than in a car. This area is getting rigged up for the final day of the Tour de France with lots of scaffolding and seating being installed.

I went to Jardin de Luxembourg to see an outdoor photographic exhibition – Esprit Nomade. Then we set off across the city to Montmartre. We are getting a bit more savvy about Velib and now check several things before selecting a bike: tyres hard, handle bar grips present, steering not wonky, gears working. We have chosen a dud bike a few times but it is easy to swap it for a better one so not a big problem.

There are huge crowds of people at all the major tourist attractions, to their detriment. Montmartre is quite a sight when it first comes into view because you can’t really see it as you approach. But it is overrun with hundreds of people and the inevitable souvenir sellers, tricksters and buskers. We watched this guy and a string quartet. We went inside the cathedral and enjoyed the view across the city. Then a quick look at the Moulin Rouge and Pigalle. Enough for one day!

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