Paris 4


A day of promenading in gardens –  Le Jardin des Plantes and Le Jardin de Luxembourg. The flower beds in these gardens are beautiful with masses of begonias, cosmos, dahlias, marigolds and petunias but it’s hard to get close enough for a good photo without transgressing the barrier beyond which people are not meant to go.

Les Jardin des Plantes

In Le Jardin de Luxembourg we listened to a school big band from the UK. They were playing in the same rotunda where the Chopin concert was held. Some people were on the grass and they didn’t get rebuked or whistled at. Law and order was lacking.

Un acteur grecke recont son part

We also took in some culture with a visit to the Museum of the Middle Ages. There was a lot to learn there! We learnt a little of it.

Unusual sight for the day: nun scooting. Yes, on one of those small wheel scooters that you push with one foot! She was rather young so I’m not sure if she was la vraie chose, but she looked genuine with a full pale blue habit and white head scarf and it was nice to see nevertheless. Go nuns!

We dined in an Algerian restaurant – tagine, couscous, forgettable and regrettable desserts. Then walked along the Seine and watched people picnicking.

On the Pont St Louis a group of roller bladers was gathering, obviously with a plan. They constructed a jump by stacking wooden pallets with a sheet of plywood for the ramp. Then began a display of skill. Added to the setup was a high jump made of bamboo with the bar getting higher. So we saw some pretty good jumping with somersaults and backflips until the police arrived and called it off.

We now have a big map of France and are planning the next stage of cycling which will begin on Wednesday. We have accommodation and couches reserved and plan to arrive in Biel on Saturday.

We are a bit annoyed about the election as it is not easy to arrange to vote while overseas. We are awaiting assistance from our (current) MHR! And good to know that we are Moving Forward this time. Inspiring stuff.

2 Responses to “Paris 4”

  1. wieteke Says:

    One more day in Paris……. and next on the move to Istanbul !!!!!

    Lovely to follow your journey on your blog!


  2. Ros Says:

    Hey Rosalie and Ian
    blue nun on scooter,teddy bear exhibitionism,distorted merigues on steroids,perverted jazz chopin,program bashing of spectators in park,menu choice prohibition, grass walking phobia,and a museum to people our age…Paris is a strange place..I hopeyou have not been too disturbed by all this.Have you seen the bread shop with baked Eiffel towers and other doughy things in the window yet?Keep up the observations of the wierd and wonderful and I want to see a picture of Rosalie busking the uke and possible audience reaction!xxRos

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