Aujourd’hui, nous faisons le VGV (Velo a Grande Vitesse) riding 134 km from Orainville to Saint-Dizier. We’re hurrying for a few days so that we can be with our friend Henri in Biel, Switzerland on the weekend. We had a lovely day to cycle so far (with panniers) – cool, cloudy and calm (maybe even a gentle tail wind at times. Flat most of the way but rain for the last couple of hours.

Our first stop (south-east of Reims) by a rail line was rewarded by two TGVs passing at a tunnel portal. 300km/h looks faster from outside!

We rode through the vineyards of Champagne including Moet & Chandon and Bollinger, with a climb over the Montagne de Reims (not  proper mountain, just a hill actually). In the small town of Conde-sur Marne we stopped at the boulangerie for a croissant and pain au chocolat (bien) and at the bar for a coffee (pas bien). We spoke to a man who was also resting there. He had a large rucksack and told us he was on a pilgrimage from Belgium to Santiago and expected to be on the road for 3 months. Later in the day we met 3 Belgian women, also on the same pilgrim route.

Lunch was in Chalons-en-Champagne, a town with a cathedral and 2 other amazing churches of great antiquity, and many half timbered buildings. We bought lunch (baguette, sausage, camembert, pastries, apricots), then went to the canal near the River Marne to consume it. Here we got distracted by watching boats going through a lock. We spoke to the Dutch captain of a large canal boat that only just fitted with a few centimetres to spare on either side. His load was bauxite from near Marseilles, going to Belgium. He and his wife carry various loads on canals all around Europe.

Arrived very damp in St Dizier. We didn’t get to see much of this town but enjoyed the scenic industrial route past the rail yards and a metal recycling plant.

Flowers in the fields

Cycle route:
Orainville to Saint-Dizier (except I forgot to start start M. Garmin)

One Response to “Saint-Dizier”

  1. Henri Says:

    Hi Rosalie & Ian
    You ARE fast!
    Are you planning to come over the Jura (La Chaux-de-Fonds or around it (Geneva or Basel) on Saturday?

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