La Suisse


An early start to go over the border into Switzerland to meet Henri in Porrentruy. Passed a music shop on the way out of Montbeliard with lots of yellow and orange vuvuzelas in the window – I reckon they would have been going cheap.

The border was marked by two appropriately painted rocks on the roadside. Almost immediately on entering Switzerland we heard the sound of cow bells, which stayed with us most of the day. Shortly afterwards we passed the customs station – deserted. A long downhill swoop into Porrentruy where Henri was waiting for us.

Then followed a wonderful day of cycling through the Jura – cows, fields of clover, barley, oats, forests, valleys, huge farmhouses. We felt cold for the first time and had to stop frequently to put on jackets or take them off as we warmed up from climbing.

Lunch in Montfaucon, wind farms, tracks, grass roads, steep hills followed – up and down. At last we descended from the high country and had a long downhill run including 2 tunnels (spooky), a walk around the old town of Biel, then along the lake and finally up one last and very steep hill to the home of our friends Henri and Mireille. We found a warm welcome, hot shower, cold beer, delicious dinner, good company that included son Lino and friend Marcel, then a comfortable bed.

M. Garmin was adamant that there was a road

It was great to be met and guided by Henri through the Jura -a long ride with lots of hills. We’re looking for a rest over the next few days.

Lake Biel from Henri's living room

Cycle route:

Montbeliard to Gerolfingen

One Response to “La Suisse”

  1. Ros Says:

    hey R and I are you sure you are in Switzerland? I didn’t see any watches or chocolate…
    but othertwise well done.. country looks gorgeous
    like the close ups of food I guess this is on your mind a lot–do you ever hallucinate cheeses while you are riding along?
    xx Ros

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