Gerolfingen to Luzern


We bid an early farewell to Henri and Mireille, our wonderful hosts who helped us, fed and housed us and made us feel welcome. Thank you!

It was a beautiful clear morning and we could see good views of the alps as we travelled east. Our friend Chasseral was also clearly visible as we looked back and it only disappeared from view late in the morning. A nice steep road took us through fields, forests and farmyards and we had a close encounter with some cows. I also found the ideal setting for a Sound of Music re-enactment.

The hills are alive...

At lunchtime it began to rain so we stopped in Huttwil – Zaentrum Cafe to be exact. I give the lunch 3.5 stars. When we came out we found that our bikes, which we had left leaning nicely against the shoe shop window, had been moved. I suspect that the shoe shop owner noticed a downturn in business, assumed it was related to the presence of the bikes, and took direct action. A shoe display  was placed where the bikes had been. Number of customers before and after: 0.

We were rained upon all afternoon. In Luzern we found we had been upgraded – woohoo! To the hotel instead of the pension. Weather forecast for tomorrow is not promising but we are ready for an early ascent of Pilatus if it’s clear.

Cycle route:
Gerolfingen to Luzern

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