Where are the alps?


The weather obeyed the forecast and gave us a thunderstorm followed by torrential rain. No early dash up Pilatus. The alps are all hidden by cloud. We took the ferry to Gersau while the rain continued then cycled a short distance to the YH that’s right beside the lake.

It seemed likely that the weather would clear if we went up the Rigi, and that’s where we’re now sitting, watching the cloud go up and down and enjoying the view when it’s there.

View from cog railway on Rigi near Luzern

Food highlight of the day: brezels from Luzern bahnhof. I know it’s only Swiss fast food, but they are good.

Brezels are tops

Travel tip: don’t take the exploding pannier approach upon entering your chambre for the night. This what Ian does. Everything comes out and gets distributed around the room. I am urging him to adopt Jameela’s method which is to neatly fold your clothes and place them in the cupboards provided. I don’t think he’s going to do it.

One Response to “Where are the alps?”

  1. Kim's Deb Says:

    Kim’s home at weekends from now on. This was the first and it went really well. Will show her all your adventures. Sounds like a great adventure and your pics are great.

    Cycle safely!


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