Gersau to Unterentfelden


(Fri 30 July) The YH at Gersau is called Rotschuo – Red Shoe. It’s an old Swiss farm house with dormitories added on each side. It was full of families with children and babies and few assorted extras like us. The rain was still pouring down, so we had breakfast and I had a swim in the Vierwaldstattersee (aka Lake of Lucerne). No sign of rain stopping so we sat for awhile in the old sitting room, floors, walls and ceilings all of dark timber. Unexpectedly the alps appeared as clear as anything! Then out into the rain and on the road.

Our Swiss German is pretty limited but we can order zwei schale hell (2 milk coffees) and are successful at purchasing items from the konditorei.

A welcome sight for cold and wet cyclists

Our destination was the home of Hans and Irma in Unterentfelden. We were happy to see them again and Flavio and Vera, now a lot more grown up than when we last met in 2004. We were given luxury accommodation in the garden house (recently constructed by the whole family) and a delicious dinner of raclette and black forest cake. After dinner lots of talking about our various travels, followed by a concert of recorder music (Vera), drumming (Flavio), then Australian and Swiss folk songs sung at full volume by everyone with ukulele accompaniment.

Cycle route:
Gersau to Unterentfelden

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