Swiss National Day


We have noticed a lot of flag flying around Switzerland. I think they are generally a lot more keen on this sort of thing then we are in Australia, but it is also due to the fact that 1 August is Swiss National Day and everyone is feeling especially patriotic.

We went with Guido to Zurich for the day, starting out on foot to Kyburg, a castle about an hour from here, then by bus and train. It was sunny and quite hot. Swimming and sunbaking was pretty popular. We all had a swim in the lake and then a ferry ride to the centre of town. On Guido’s advice we decided to leap into the Limmat River which flows out of Lake Zurich with quite a current, and float downstream a short way. This was good fun though it could easily have been a longer trip as it was harder than it looked to stop and climb out!

Rosalie floating down the Limmat

Then on the train to Uetliberg where there is a lookout and tower overlooking Zurich and giving a 360 degree view of the surrounding countryside.

The Swiss celebrate their national day with fireworks and bonfires. We went to watch the lighting of a huge bonfire nearby followed by the municipal fireworks display.

One Response to “Swiss National Day”

  1. Ros Says:

    Rosalie you still manage a swim in a landlocked country!
    Ian you have a healthy glow
    Whats with the barbies?They seem to be sporting the latest in post modern apparel
    What about writing a small travel book on accomodations for the unfussy traveller ie” cubby houses I have stayed in”
    cheers Ros

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