Hüfingen to Sigmaringendorf


Today we’ve followed the cycling path along the Donau (Danube) from the Catholic Church’s claimed source in Donaueschingen to Sigmaringendorf. We’ve been going mainly downhill on paths or very quiet roads in dark forests and along sunny river banks. No traffic except for hundreds of other cyclists. The river started out not very prepossessing but grew bigger and cleaner during the day. Herr Garmin is totally ignorant of this bicycle route and believes that we have been cycling through trackless wastes most of the day.

Danube source

The gorge in the Naturpark Obere Donau is beautiful with dark forests and steep limestone cliffs. There were many large camps on the banks of the river with hundreds of teenagers enjoying wholesome outdoors fun.

Youth summer camp on the Donau

A couple of times during the morning we met two Catalonian riders from Barcelona who had taken the train to Zurich and were riding the Donau to the Black Sea. In Sigmaringen we met a Viennese woman riding to Santiago de Compostela.

We saw some storks in the morning but were unable to get close enough for photographs.

About 30 km from Sigmaringen I discovered that my rear rim was failing – splitting due to the tension from the spokes on the drive side. It seems that wheel wasn’t built for Swiss hills. There was no alternative but to ride it carefully into Sigmaringen where I was able to buy a new wheel from Radladen Sattelfest. I hope this one lasts.

Bicycle rim not made for Switzerland

Herr Garmin has once again directed us to a nearby guest house with a room available at a reasonable price.

Tomorrow we’ll ride to Ulm to meet up with Fabian.

Cycle route:
Huefingen to Sigmaringendorf

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