A day in Ulm


A drizzly grey German summer day, perfect for a sleep in and a slow start to the day. We found tourist information in English and started by visiting the Munster where we were in time for an organ recital that comprised an eclectic program with a couple of show tunes and a piece that sounded as though it was inspired by the Harry Potter film music. The Munster is quite amazing. I really don’t know how they did all that stone sculpting and wood carving but they did a good job. We looked at the Man of Sorrow, a wooden Jesus on the cross, apparently renowned for its expression that reached new levels in this work.

Grotesque on Ulm Munster

Next stop was Ulm Public Library, a new glass pyramid building in the town centre. We went to the top and sat with newspapers and coffee, looking across to the Munster and watching the rain. After completing this activity, an ascent of the Munster Tower was done. This is quite a climb and gets more interesting as you get higher as the spire is pretty transparent. They have thoughtfully added steel railings at the top. Despite the weather, the view was good.

Other Ulm sights: the old fishermen’s village; city walls; Donau in spate, flowing fast and muddy brown; old moat houses; Museum of Bread Culture (you can give this a miss if you’re in Ulm); action research to test quality of cakes (don’t miss this – more data always needed).

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