A day in Budapest


Tues 17 August

The main problem with being in Hungary is that we don’t know how much things cost because it’s all in forints – thousands of them. We have learnt how to say please (kerem) and thank you (koszonom) and hope to add to this excellent start. We didn’t get this far with the Slovakian language due to limited opportunity and lack of application. However, our extensive knowledge of Latin and Romance languages helped us with Slovakian but is totally useless for Hungarian. With other European languages a few familiar words start to appear after a day or two of immersion. Not so with Hungarian, it is totally alien.

Sunny day in Budapest

Today we found the Australian Embassy (above a washing machine show room) and cast our pre-poll votes. The ambassador was nowhere to be seen so missed the chance to invite us to lunch. The Citadel overlooking the city was the next stop with great views as it was sunny and clear. See photos of inspirational statues.

Then on Margaret’s advice, that she received from Kazzy, we went to the New York Salon for cake and coffee. It is extremely posh and lavishly decorated. I couldn’t help thinking that they must be a bit disappointed in the clientele they are attracting (ie scruffy people like us), when what they are hoping for is more the Audrey Hepburn type of person. Anyway, the cake was good. They served the coffee in tall glasses. It was An Experience to be remembered.

There are a lot of cyclists in Budapest and traffic is often slow moving because of jams. There are trolley buses, normal buses and trams. I guess an underground too but we stayed on street level.

The YH had signs about parking and wheel clamping and we saw a clamped car. Lots of grand buildings, many crumbly buildings, road works and graffiti. We have bought maps and bike spares and some food supplies. And we have done internet homework. As a result of this we are couchsurfing with Agnes tomorrow night in Kecskemet.

2 Responses to “A day in Budapest”

  1. Ros Says:

    dear travellers re language probs yes I agree Hungarian as I recall is like no other lagnuage except Finish I believe neither has roots to other languages…sanskrit maybe???hope you are enjoying the delicious tortes but what about those famous public baths I forget the name of the big one by the river modelled on a huge Turkish bath-give it a go!x Ros

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