The Great Hungarian Plain


Thursday 19 August. Well we are almost across it now. Today started cool and overcast and became sunny and hot. We passed through the towns of  Lakitelek, Csepa, Szeleveny, Csongrad, Szentes and Fabiansebestyen and we are staying in Oroshaza tonight. We have crossed the Tisza three times. Interesting things from today:

  • Low traffic route on minor roads for most of the day;
  • Storks in the wetlands near the Tisza, and in the town of Szeleveny;
  • A conversation with teenage girl, Barbara, and her grandmother, who were selling home grown fruit and vegetables near the Csepa co-op;
  • Two communist tractors;
  • Three men using scythes to cut grass;
  • Riding along a dike beside the river Koros;
  • Conversation with Hungarian man driving along aforementioned dike in which he gave us a lot of population statistics about Transylvania;
  • A decrepit pontoon bridge over the Tisza near Csongrad;
  • Shady leafy town of Csongrad;
  • Tail wind;
  • Hand operated railway crossing barrier in Szentes where the man operating it gave priority to bikes and pedestrians.

Pontoon bridge near Csongrad
There is an enormous amount of utility cycling in rural Hungary and in towns and villages. People of all ages ride bikes loaded with shopping, fishing gear, tools such as shovels and brooms, children. We saw a team of workers who were cutting road side vegetation. They all had their bikes and had carried brushcutters, rakes and equipment on them.

Long-horned Hungarian cow

Oroshaza is a spa town. We took the waters by having a shower that smelt distinctly sulphurous. Tomorrow, 20 August, is Hungary’s national day.

Cycle route:
Kecskemet – Oroshaza

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