Technical things

Hand washing
(clothes that is) repeated hand washing of clothes with soap or shower gel doesn’t produce spectacularly clean results!
Brooks saddles
(Brooks B17 Special to be precise) As rated by my bum, Brooks leather saddles are excellent for touring. Not particularly expensive (cheap when purchased with strong Aussie dollars) and not very light but comfortable even after several hours.
Ortlieb panniers
The only ones to have for convenience, dry gear and touring credibility
Rear wheels
Need to be STRONG. 36 spokes minimum I’d say. No problems yet with the replacement 32 spoke Mavic but let’s see what happens on the Transfagarasan Highway…
Pannier bolts
Need to be STRONG. Why don’t manufacturers use a larger diameter bolt at the rear dropout? Probably should find an alternative fixing for the mudguard stays. Placing them on the same bolt as the carrier is asking for trouble.
Tubus front pannier racks
Excellent. Simple. Trouble-free. Complete with separate mount for mudguard stays (see previous note)
Garmin Edge 705 GPS
Expensive but excellent for touring – especially if you can find relevant maps (and can afford them)
Open source Romanian map
(from OpenMaps) Excellent (better than Garmin’s commercial product) and FREE 🙂 but I needed MS Windows to install it on my GPS 😦

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