Make that *Trash*fagarasan Highway


Well, I can keep quiet no longer. The rubbish strewn along the Transfagarasan Highway is a disgrace. This road passes through spectacular scenery and represents a tremendous national and international attraction but at every road-side stop/picnic area/camp-site there are mounds and windrows of rubbish surrounded by fields of toilet paper.

Some campers thoughtfully make a nice neat pile of their rubbish before they leave making it easy for the wild or feral animals to tear apart. Others join the national land-care program of burning all their rubbish adding the the inversion-trapped smog haze over the country.

If you look at the scenery everything’s splendid but if you look where you’re walking (and, let’s face it, you’d better other wise you might have some messy shoes to clean) it’s sordid.

Trashfagarasan highway

There are thousands of people camping along the road/river, no facilities and shallow soil between the boulders. So, don’t drink that sparkling clear water – you’ll be sorry if you do.

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