Kotel with Kiril


We succumbed to encouragements from last night’s translator, Kiril, to spend the day in Kotel and allowed him to place us in a cheaper and perfectly acceptable hotel (Hotel Konstanse – looks like ХОТЕЛ КОНСТАСН tel +359 887 786 600). There’s actually a lot of accommodation here but it’s not easy to find. The Cyrillic script and inconsistent transliterations make discovery of Bulgarian businesses quite difficult on location or on the web.

Kiril is a local gypsy with excellent language skills and an interesting mix of local community roots and a global view. He is obviously proud and enthusiastic about his community and home town and has plenty of reasons to be so.

Kotel, Bulgaria

Apart from being simply a beautiful mountain village it also seems to be a spiritual heartland of Bulgaria being the home and location for much of the Bulgarian revival (for that read ousting the Turks). There’s a renowned gypsy music school here and a large gypsy community living mainly in an adjacent unofficial town (not officially recognised on tourist maps, etc).

Feel free to Google to your heart’s content about Kotel and its famous sons. A notable contribution from Kotel’s less-famous daughters can be found in the tapestry weaving museum. Impressive decorative and functional weaving from a well-established weaving community.

Tapestry weavinf from Kotel, Bulgaria

We had a pleasant day with a charming and helpful guide but the steep streets have left us leg-weary again.

PS Rosalie thinks I should change my rear tyre. The black tread has worn through to a contrasting layer all the way round now. However, that tyre has a Kevlar, puncture-resistant belt that the replacement lacks. So, I think I might persevere a little longer. Also, my wheel is dirty and I’m going to get grubby changing the tyre. 😦

One Response to “Kotel with Kiril”

  1. Kathryn Says:

    Sounds, and looks, beautiful (but hilly!) – what an amazing tapestry!

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