New tyre at last


I was hoping to report in Istanbul that we’d crossed the continent without a flat tyre but on the way to our antepenultimate destination my back tyre ran flat. It may not have been a puncture, per se, because the valve stem split from the tube while I was trying to re-inflate it. Anyway, I had to change the tube and, since my hands were already dirty, I put a new tyre on too. (Actually, since we’ve crossed the Dardenelles into Asia, I guess we can still make that flat-free continent-crossing claim! 🙂 )

Tyre change by the Dardenelles

Still, our bikes are doing pretty well (apart from my wheel failure). I pumped a few strokes into my tyres somewhere in Romania, replaced Rosalie’s front brake pads in Vienna and we’ve oiled the chains a few times. That’s it in more than 4,000 km of cycling (including more than 31,000 metres of climbing)! Cycling – it’s the way to go!

One Response to “New tyre at last”

  1. Bron Says:

    Ian and Rosalie, the blog has been fantastic. I’m full of awe that you have the energy to do this after a day’s riding, and shared the trip with us. See you soon.

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