Bicycle shipment saga – Chapter One


We’ve been quoted anything up to US$3000 to ship our bikes. One agent said Turkish Customs would charge US$480 as export duty! So, scratch that idea and revert to carriage as personal luggage.

Therefore we need some boxes. All the bikes shops that Google could find for us are a long way from here and may not have any boxes but the hotel concierge directed us to the down-town area where the local bike shops are clustered and off we went.

All the shop keepers know the value (to us) of a good bike box so we have to pay. Many shop keepers won’t even sell their boxes. In the end we bought three 26″ bicycle boxes for TL30. We bought three as they’re bit on the small side. We’ll cut the third box up to extend the other two.

Returning to the hotel with three bicycle cartons

Now all we need is some packing tape.I guess we’re off to the bazaar to find the section where all the packing tape stall owners cluster…

And as the sun sets slowly in the west here comes the Bandirma ferry again…

4 Responses to “Bicycle shipment saga – Chapter One”

  1. kjm Says:

    OK, it wasn’t bikes, and we weren’t in Turkey, but once when we were returning to Adelaide with two standard lamps, and the check in staff thought we were on our honeymoon, they let us, the lamps, the wheelchair and the 12 large wineglasses all onboard with no extra charge. So you could try looking young and in love?


  2. Rebecca Says:


    If you have time really try to get to one of the Turkish Baths. The ones recommended in the guidebooks were (admittedly in 1995) really good and a totally amazing experience.


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