Signing off


We have completed our trip and are now closing Bikelele – no more posts we promise! Thanks to our readers for encouraging us and for the comments, which we were always glad to receive. This blog will, of course, remain online as a record of our travels and we hope it may also be useful to other cyclists who are considering or undertaking a similar endeavour.

Leaving Driebergen, Netherlands


Distance cycled
4122 km
Longest day
159 km
Cycling stages
Total ascent (and descent)
31,896 m (3.6 Mount Everests – sea to summit)
Cycling days lost (or delayed) to sickness
Cervical discs partially healed
Mechanical failures
2 (broken rear wheel and broken pannier bolt – both fixed without delay within 3 hours at the first bicycle shops encountered)
Flat tyres
2 (1 split tube valve and 1 puncture)
Tyres replaced
Number of items of clothing lost
3 ( 1 pair of cycling shorts; 1 cycling shirt and 1 high-tech sports towel – we hope you found it, Raul, and find a use for it.)
Number of items stolen
Number of items seriously damaged by wild or feral animals
1 (cycling shoe but remained serviceable to end of trip)
Blog posts
Photos uploaded to flickr

Arriving in Istanbul, Turkey

3 Responses to “Signing off”

  1. Claire & Alex "The froggies" Says:

    Bonjour !
    Congratulations for your amazing trip and your fantastic blog ! No doubt that this experience is just awesome ! Bravo !
    Aussies are definitely crazy and you’re so right ! This is life !
    It makes us feel like traveling again.
    Rosalie, I know what it’s like to update a blog as often as possible. This is a hard work and a real pleasure to share what you see, what you learn and how you feel. Thank you for that. Bon travail !
    Prenez soin de vous et vive Bikelele !
    Claire et Alex

    • Rosalie Says:

      Bonjour Claire et Alex, merci! Il est si bon de vous entendre. J’espere que tout va bien pour vous dans Orainville

  2. Ros Says:

    Rosalie and Ian -bloody fantastic achievement thankgoodness for statistics-Ian yours are much morre interesting than the ones I learnt at uni school.I really want to thankyou both for the effortyou have taken to share all of your visual,aural,tactile and tasting experiences. I looked forward to logging in regularly to read the next episode- it was a vicarious experience I thoroughly enjoyed and also could relive a few memories myself..look nforward to cathcing up soon xx Ros

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