3 July 2012 – Nijmegen is the oldest city in The Netherlands. I last went there in 1979 when I visited Kees and Wieteke who lived there at the time.

We walked around the old town, had coffee in the square and admired the Waal.

We visited St Steven’s Church, then hired public transport bikes for  a ride around an area that has been restored from farmland and is now a nature reserve with extensive wetlands.

Fortunately Wieteke and Kees have a sensible approach to eating and drinking so this excursion included lunch followed by a visit to the Millinger Tea Garden, a beautiful place full of flowers and lovely places to sit and relax with tea!

On the way back Ian took a run up to get up a short incline to the top of the dyke and the chain came off his bike. As it was all enclosed inside a nice chain guard it was no simple matter to put it on again. A rescue plan was formed that involved leaving Wieteke behind and an advance party to set off. In the end all was well!

One Response to “Nijmegen”

  1. Dianne van Eck Says:

    Hi Ian, great to see you in Nijmegen. This is my home town in Holland. Many of my family live there. My mum was born in Millingen and you would have ridden through or past Leuth, where my father was born. It’s so great to see you enjoying that part of the countryside where I have spent a lot of time during the past 4 years. Enjoy the time there. Cheers Di

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