Observations in Prague


Here are a few things we have seen or learnt:

  • Smetana means cream – seems strange to think that The Moldau was composed by Mr Cream.
  • Absinthe is all the rage here. There are shops specializing in all things absinthian including Absinthe icecream. They have marijuana vodka as well.
  • The police detail on the US embassy is still there, so it wasn’t just for 4 July. They do a pretty cursory inspection in my opinion.
  • Prague has few cyclists and lots of trams, most of them charmingly retro in style. Because its a national public holiday today, the trams are decked out with Czech flags.
  • Boiled broccoli was a menu item at a cafe we passed. We are so behind the times in Adelaide regarding the inclusion of boiled vegetables in our cafe offerings.
  • Unusual museums: two Museums of Torture, one medieval, the other presumably regular as type not specified; Museum of Communism as well as the previously mentioned KGB Museum; Beer Museum – actually more a bar pretending to be a museum.
  • Hells Angels have a Bohemia chapter – saw a member but was not game to photograph him in case he was sensitive to that kind of thing.

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