Toughness of leg


A pre-breakfast visit to the Cathedral of St Barbara with its amazing pointy roof. The gargoyles are worth close examination – between a giant toad and a hideous gryphon was a banjolele player in full voice.

The breakfast cheese plate was converted into lunch and we set off into the countryside. The roads are lined with fruit and walnut trees, fields of ripening wheat and sunflowers, home gardens full of flowers and vegetables. I took a spill riding across a slippery ford, no harm done, just gave my right buttock and the camera a light rinsing. We had to completely ignore a perfectly good castle – plenty more of those to come.

We found a good place to stop for coffee in Horny Bradlo, at a little roadside garden with a cafe. Klara and her mother are the proprietors. Klara is an economics student in Prague. She offered us the choice of Nescafe, which evidently is preferred by most, or real coffee. We chose real and got glasses of strong stuff with lots of grounds, but good! The mother kindly brought out cake and the atlas to help us plan our route.

The last 30km is where toughness of leg was needed as it included steep hills, pushing up a grassy ski slope (nature did not intend us to do this), stony and muddy forest tracks, fields with no visible tracks at all, fantastic views of fields, valleys, villages, and finally a descent to our destination, Policka. We are staying at Lidmiluv mlyn, the old watermill at Sadek near Policka. It is run by a Dutch couple, friends of Wieteke’s brother.

Kutna Hora – Policka by ianwroberts at Garmin Connect – Details

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