Couchsurfing in Olomouc


We are in Olomouc (‘mouc’ is pronounced moz as in Mozart), a beautiful historical city, in the home (small attic flat) of Helena our couchsurfing host. We have just spent a couple of hours drinking Olomouc beer, eating an excellent dinner, and talking with Helena and her boyfriend Viktor about all things Czech and everything else. Helena is a masters physics student, Victor an up and coming photographer and keen mountain bike rider. Two more welcoming and interesting people you can hardly imagine. A great end to a long day.

Other highlights from the day:

  • Morning market in Policka
  • Bus stops decorated with potted geraniums
  • Long descents
  • Long ascents – nice and cool under forest canopy, hot in the sun
  • Brightly coloured houses – the Czechs go for egg yolk yellow, pumpkin orange, lime green, hot pink and rust red
  • More beautiful villages and countryside
  • Completely litter free roadside
  • Window boxes with geraniums, petunias and begonias on almost every house

Policka – Olomouc route details by ianwroberts at Garmin Connect – Details.

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