Lost in Poland


It takes the TdF riders about two hours to ride 80km. It took us about 10 hours today. Here’s why:

  • We had to find breakfast (Havirov)
  • We have to stop frequently for photographic purposes
  • We have to stop for a drink
  • We have to go on a dirt track that is muddy with steep bits (this is recommended by Garmin, our GPS, who is instructed to avoid busy roads)
  • As first breakfast wasn’t very good we have to stop for second breakfast (Ciesyn on Polish border)
  • Tour de Pologne bike race is coming through and we have to observe the setup
  • We change countries – Poland did not announce itself but we could tell
  • We have to go into tourist office to get a map but they don’t have any that are useful to us
  • We have to mend a puncture
  • We take a 4km long cut to avoid 2km of busy road
  • Garmin batteries have to be replaced
  • We have to refill water bottles
  • We have to get Polish zlotys
  • We try to find a restaurant that actually serves food so we can have lunch
  • We take a road according to Garmin and end up riding up a 20% gradient and the road turns to dirt with big stones, so we abandon that and go back
  • We wrangle with Garmin and try to find a better route
  • Ian buys a strawberry milk, but it turns out to be 1 litre of cream (smetana) – our second beverage error as we both swigged on neat cordial the other day, thinking it was fruit juice
  • We resign ourselves to the fact that we are not ending up where we intended and book into luxury hotel – nothing else available
  • Total distance 84km, altitude gained over 1000m

Ostrava – Bielsko-Biala by ianwroberts at Garmin Connect – Details.

2 Responses to “Lost in Poland”

  1. Taff Says:

    I am enjoying reading of your adventures.loveTaff

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