It doesn’t only rain at night!


We were at Penzion Patricia in Telc last night. Patricia put on a shared breakfast for all her guests, including us, 3 students plus teacher from the university in Pardubice who were doing restoration work in the castle, and Danuta and Rafael from Poland. It was nice to have a meal and conversation together. We had a chance to ask Danuta and Rafael about life and political climate in Poland. They are both lawyers and did not relish the prospect of returning to work.

Patricia told us it would rain all day and urged us to stay in Telc to do Tours A, B & C of the castle. But we followed our own plan and set off in the drizzle. It was not cold and scarcely raining enough for waterproofs. Everything was damp and misty.

We have discovered that this region is called Czesky Kanada – the Canada of Czech Republic – because of its lakes and coniferous forests. Along a section of our road was an avenue of maple trees.

In Strmilov we stopped for coffee but the smokers in the bar were too much, so we retreated outside and admired the stork perched above the post office.

Jindrichuv Hradec is a mouthful! It has two namestis and a magnificent plague column. We paid more attention to the kavarnas (cafes) where we could sit out of the rain and considered trains, but then decided to ride on to Trebon.

The gradient for the afternoon was agreeable ie flat or downhill. We are in a wet and boggy area with lakes everywhere that were created for carp production. Lovely European carp with all those scales and bones – why aren’t all the Australian celebrity chefs coming up with recipes so that we can enjoy eating the carp out of the River Murray?

Telc – Trebon route.

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