Muses in Dresden and Ukulelistan


It may have been Carl Maria von Weber that brought us to Dresden but it was George Frideric Handel, the Freiburger Barockorchester and counter tenor Bejun Mehta who entertained us in the Frauenkirche that evening.

Both the church and orchestra were tremendous but Zubin Mehta’s cousin Bejun was the uncontested star of the evening – a marvellous musician and stunning singer. The audience lapped it up. A more deserved ovation at the end could scarcely be imagined.

After a night in a pension and sumptuous breakfast at Kaffee Wippler we cycled up the Elbe Radweg to meet Alexander Wandrowsky, high chief of Ukulelistan where we spent an entertaining day.

Alexander’s neighbour Jurg cooked us trout for dinner and we traded songs into the night before retiring to Alexander’s self-erecting tent in his garden.

The Elbe just keeps rolling along.

One Response to “Muses in Dresden and Ukulelistan”

  1. hermanvdc Says:

    I hope you liked! In your feet have been baptized in the Magical Elbe.

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