The epilogue


The holiday is almost over. Some headlines from the last few days:

  • Beautiful scenery in Saxon Schweiz on the train from Dresden to Prague
  • Dinner in cafetherapie with cycling friend Daniel and his partner Julie, then a beer at Bajkazyl, a riverside bar/cafe/bike workshop
  • A day of perambulation around Prague that included the intentional discovery of David Czerny’s Dead Horse sculpture and the serendipitous discovery of another of his works, Embryo
  • Found the Kolonial bar by chance in Josefov area – kolo means bicycle in Czech. The seats at the bar are Brooks saddles!
  • Dinner overlooking the city – last goulash with dumplings
  • Tram tour of city beyond tourism limits – it’s great, you sit there and the scenery just goes past
  • Discovery of and visit to Art Puzzle Gallery
  • Arrival in Amsterdam and mad ride on hired bikes to the southern edge of the city to Citizen M, coolest ever hotel with sardine-can but uber-trendy rooms with auto check-in.

It has been a great 5 weeks – home soon!

One Response to “The epilogue”

  1. hermanvdc Says:

    It was nice to follow you from behind a screen!

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