Getting the Berlin style right


In my travel researches I came across a most informative book – Berlin Street Style. It gives clear instructions on how one should deport oneself in Berlin. Or at least it states what ‘the Berlin woman’ would do. For example:

  • Pearls are not at all hip in Berlin.
  • Vibrantly coloured blazers do not work at all in Berlin; the ideal colour is grey or dark blue.
  • The Berlin woman would never leave the house in a velour tracksuit.
  • The weekend look of the Berlin woman is rather rustic.
  • The Berlin woman is proud of her paleness.
  • Bracelets should not jingle on the arm too much; this irritates the Berlin woman when she is typing.

I will be removing my pearls when I reach the outskirts of town. Anyone know what the Berlin bloke it meant to do?

2 Responses to “Getting the Berlin style right”

  1. katejm Says:

    Proving again that discretion is the better part of velour

    • Rosalie Day Says:

      I don’t wear velour even in the privacy of my own home, so I’m naturally attuned to the Berlin style!

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