Offenbach, Frankfurt & Darmstadt


Today started with bike assembly followed by breakfast – fruhstuck oriental (Turkish) and sussen (sweet). We found the Offenbach market with lots of fruit, flowers, vegetables, sausage, cheese, bread. The egg woman gave us 2 eggs (hardboiled) after we admired her red and yellow dyed ones. We needed to find a bike shop to adjust Ian’s head set and asked a man if he knew of one. He did and gave us detailed instructions in German. We pretended to understand but he decided to escort us on his bike which was very kind. We cycled to Frankfurt through the industrial area, then along the Main to the Kaiserdom and various nearby platzen and the Kleinmarkthalle, an indoor market where we had wurst mit senf und brot (with mustard and bread).

Then to Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof to go by train to Darmstadt, about 30km to the south, to find Hundertwasser’s Waldspiral. This amazing residential building is in the suburban area of the town, surrounded by ordinary apartment buildings. It is built in an ascending spiral shape with trees and plants growing on top and several onion domes, lots of tiles and ceramic features, stripes and layers, looking completely exotic in an otherwise unremarkable place. There are Hundertwasser buildings in several European countries and one in New zealand which is a public toilet! Hundertwasser moved to NZ in the later part of his life.

There are thousands of bikes in Frankfurt, with good bike lanes and traffic lights, lots of parking rails. There are city bike schemes  with human powered and battery-assisted bikes. Most places that can be covered with graffiti have already received colourful coverage. There is a substantial challenge for everyone here to get through a lot of food each day – there are bakeries everywhere, food stalls, markets, cafes, bistros. We are committed to helping out as much as we can. Smokers are catered for with special smoking areas on train platforms and immediately outside the stations, so you have to walk through a smoke haze as you exit.

I have bought a tiny German-English dictionary to improve my vocabulary and have found out that Offenbach means open stream and Darmstadt means bowel or intestine town. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Waldspiral, Damstadt

Waldspiral, Damstadt

2 Responses to “Offenbach, Frankfurt & Darmstadt”

  1. Rosalind Powrie Says:

    Guten Tag Rosalie und Ian! sehr gut. Ice mochte etwas zu essen und zu trinken…the few phrases I remember from Berlin style I can tell you anything goes there particularly if you are riding a bike tho i think a pair of round tortoise shell glasses would be cool and hip-(worn on the face)even a tweed jacket?Looks like a great route enjoy finding it ! I am trying to be still x Ros

    • Rosalie Day Says:

      Guten abend Ros, we are trinken at the moment in Vacha. Lovely countryside, no big hills or mountains so far. Thanks for the Berlin fashion tips. Hope you are getting used to being back home.

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