Fulda and the Milseburg tunnel


You can never go wrong by making ham and cheese rolls from the fruhstuck to take on the road for morning tea – and this is what we did! Riding out of Flieden we admired the humungous slag heap created by a potash mine and adorned with a cross at the top. Our bicycle route then came to a temporary stop due to roadworks and we had to mix it for a couple of scary km with heavy traffic (both size and quantity).

The city of Fulda, previously unknown to us, is impressive. It has a massive Dom with lots of statues, gilt everywhere, gigantic pipe organ, angels and putti (these are what I previously thought were cherubs but now know better) and a skeleton; a schloss; and another huge church, Stadtpfarrkirche St Blasius, with beautiful marble columns.

We have been riding on a rail trail for much of the day, with a long gradual climb to the Milseburg tunnel at about 500m and just over 1km long, well lit for the cycling traffic, and with a cafe at the other end. Easy gradients followed with a long descent and flat riding along the Ulster river. Cycling infrastructure is excellent with signposting good enough to manage with minimal map consultation and almost complete separation from road traffic. The path is mostly sealed or paved with a few short gravel sections.

The weather is sunny but cool. The countryside is beautiful with lots of forested hills, farms and fields, villages every few km each with a massive church. This region is part of the UNESCO Rhön Biosphere Reserve.

An observation: we saw some anti-smoking billboards around Frankfurt, but German towns have lots of cigarette vending machines in suburban streets as well as commercial areas, often decorated with photos of places of scenic beauty.  No plain packaging here!

Today’s route

Spire in markt platz, Fulda

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