Les pauses are important!


A flexible approach to the program is necessary! Cycling in Germany is not the same as cycling in Australia. There are many pauses needed:

  • Le pause naturel
  • Le pause cartographique
  • Le pause gastronomique
  • Le pause historique

We also had le pause musical a couple of days ago.

Weimar is on the river Ilm and the Ilm Radweg gave us the way ahead. It takes keen observation to stay on even a well marked trail and we managed to deviate several times. Generally we ask for directions which are often given in detail in German. We listen carefully but always take more notice of the hand gestures that point us the right way. Apparently we pass ourselves off as fluent German speakers when all we can really say is ‘entschuldigung bitte’ and the name of the relevant town.

We left the Ilm and met the Saale, a big river that is popular for canoeing and boating. We came across a couple of astonishing salt harvesting places – at first could not figure out at all what they were. They a pretty hard to describe – enormous in scale and involving extracting salt from water through a giant filtration system. One of them had a massive water powered pump made of wood, several hundred metres in length. You can imagine how happy Germans would have been to find a proper salt mine and not have to do all that!

We arrived in Naumburg – another amazing town previously unknown to us. The Naumburger Cathedral of St Peter and St Paul provided a sunny dom platz with cafes and a string quartet playing Mozart.

Then a train ride brought us to Leipzig where we are staying with Warmshowers hosts Swen and Kat and their two little daughters.

Today’s route

The graduation tower at Bad Kosen

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