The industrial tour


A cold wet morning. We struggled our way out of Leipzig with Wanda (aka Google Maps woman) both hindering and helping. The trouble with Wanda is that she has no situational awareness. She makes an announcement just at the wrong time, and if you don’t catch it, she doesn’t repeat it.

Thanks to her we got on to a muddy track that led to a locked gate. Then we had to get past an airport, and over a railway line and an autobahn. A bridge helped us out and we were back on quiet country roads although with a longish section of Paris-Roubaix style pave. In Delitzsch we found an excellent bakery where we warmed up and dried out a little.

The next stage took us into a post-industrial landscape where former open-cut coal mines are now lakes. This was the Kohle-Dampfe-Licht (coal-steam-light) Radroute between Delitzsch and Bitterfeld. Wanda then took us on a tour to a chemical plant and a large industrial park. One advantage of this was the Rostbratwurst kiosk that we felt deserved our patronage.

We legged it for Dessau on a long straight-ish path beside a busy road. The reward has been worth it as we are in a pension run by an artistic woman who has mosaics and ceramics everywhere, just down the street from the Meister Hausen, houses designed by Walter Gropius. We have also been to the Bauhaus (where we sang the Tom Lehrer song about Alma Mahler), the Kurt Weill and Bertolt Brecht statues and the ultra-modern Umwelt Bundesamt (Federal Environment Agency for Germany).

Today’s route

Coal extractor near Bitterfeld

One Response to “The industrial tour”

  1. Linepark Abroad (text by BP, photos by RL) Says:

    You are both going to come back with nervous tics.

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