The Elbe


Breakfast at Kaffee Wippler in Loschwitz is recommended. We have been here before. Then on to Laubegast once again to meet Alex, chieftain of Ukulelistan. He decided to cycle with us along the Elbe as far as the Czech border at Hrensko. Alex now cycles everywhere on his large black bike. He had many good suggestions for the next part of our route through the Sachsische Schweiz (Saxon Switzerland).

The day was sunny and warm; the river had lots of passenger boats, canoeists, rowers, groups of people on inflatable dinghies; hundreds of people were cycling and walking on both sides. There are innumerable cafes, bars and kiosks along the way and plenty of accommodation. Alex took us along the true right bank cycle path.

We stopped in front of the Radfahrer Kirche (cyclists’ church) in Wehlen for a ukulele duet. Further on we took a short cut through the forest to avoid a big meander, although this probably took longer because of walking some rocky and muddy sections.

In Hrensko we paused to drink a Czech beer with Alex before he departed, then cycled on up a narrow valley into the national park. We had expected to find accommodation but it was mostly booked out leaving only overpriced options. So back to Hrensko where it’s cheaper and available.

This is a tourist town on the former German Czech border. It is overrun with cheap goods, clothing, cigarettes and liquor sold in street-side stalls by vendors from Vietnam.

Today’s route

Ukulele duet at Wehlen, Radfahrer Kirche

3 Responses to “The Elbe”

  1. hermanvdc Says:

    Nice that you got a nice day with Alex. I drunk some coffee with Luc from the ukulogish museum So “Hallo” from Luc as well.

  2. parksidestories Says:

    Wish I could have heard that duet!

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