Altstadtfest in Gorlitz


Today we dawdled quite a bit as our destination, Gorlitz, was only about 40km downstream on the Neisse (pr. nicer). On the way out of Zittau we visited Poland for about 5 minutes. Route finding gave us a few minor challenges and we did one unnecessary detour before taking a necessary one due to the radweg being closed in one section. This meant a long steep hill to climb out of the river valley and along a normal road with traffic to Ostritz, a small town with a quiet platz and an excellent konditorei. Breakfast was by this time a dim memory so we stopped to sample the baked goods – I gave them 10/10. A stork circled overhead as we sat there and various cyclists, local and touring, rode by.

We went past another large lake, the Bersdorfer See, formed by open cut coal mining. A thunderstorm then pelted us with rain.

Gorlitz was jumping when we arrived – the annual Altstadtfest is on this weekend, a massive event on both the German and Polish sides of the river. People here know how to cater on a large scale – you can scarcely imagine the mountains of wurst, potatoes, pork knuckles, bread, grilled things and baked things. There is a medieval theme and lots of people were dressed up in costumes. There were bands, street performers, processions, a pretend sword fight and thousands of people everywhere, despite the rain.

We went in search of lodgings out of town and found a likely place that was booked out – but the kind proprietors sent us down the road to a private house that has rooms available. We then returned to take in more festival until dusk. Our friendly host is a maths and physics teacher in Gorlitz – he has promised us pancakes for breakfast!

Today’s route

Altstadtfest Gorlitz

2 Responses to “Altstadtfest in Gorlitz”

  1. parksidestories Says:

    Sounds like a lot of great entertainment there. Are you both busking in medieval gear?

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