Neuzelle & Eisenhuttenstadt


Sabine provided freshly stewed strawberries, raspberries and blackberries from her large garden with breakfast. We had a quick spin on Peter and Anna’s tandem before setting off to ride with them about 5 kilometres to the Neuzelle monastery. This was an astonishing place decorated in the most lavish baroque style imaginable with cherubs and putti by the dozen, statues of saints everywhere, marble columns in many colours, the relics of a saint and detailed ceiling paintings of biblical scenes. There is special altar where Mary and baby Jesus are dressed in heavily embroidered garments that are changed three times every year.

We rejoined the radweg via a long grassy farm track and rode into the city of Eisenhuttenstadt for something completely different. This is a modern industrial city designed and built in the socialist era with large steelworks nearby. We admired the public sculptures, mosaics and residential buildings, many of which have fine decorative details.

Riding north beside the Oder we have noticed that villages are further apart and have little active commerce. We are staying in Finkenheerd, a small town with no restaurant open (at least tonight), a bakery long ago closed and not much else happening apart from a steady flow of traffic.

Today’s route


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