Berlin by bicycle


Early morning swim was had and it was good. We were supposed to follow the bike path along the southern side of Muggelsee but ended up on the north side which had a strandbad (sandy swimming beach) with a sign that said ‘Grillen verboten’. Just nearby we encountered the first batch of nudists who looked as though they had been grillen for some time. We think that the Berlin woman would approve of nudity but probably not participate due to the importance of her paleness and the need to get at least some use out of her many outfits.

Riding into Berlin was a pretty intense experience that allowed us to sample many different aspects. We spotted the Fernsehturm (TV Tower) from some way out. Then grunge factor rose sharply as we went through Kreuzberg (graffiti, cafes, wagon camp, Not the Berlin Festival, bits of Berlin Wall). The next part was crammed with tourists – Potsdamer Platz, Holocaust Memorial, Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag, 17 June Street, Tiergarten with more nudists, the zoo, then on to Kurfurstendam near which we are staying.

Shortly afterwards we were reunited with Wieteke and Kees who have travelled from Groningen to meet us here. Several hours of talking ensued combined with eating and drinking, the night warm and streets full of people.

Today’s route

Berlin Wall

One Response to “Berlin by bicycle”

  1. Judith Roberts Says:

    I am really enjoying your travel tales ! It is hard for me to imagine Berlin in summer with lots of tourists….our wintery experience was very different….FYI I have been in frequent phone contact with RJ, but due to being laid low with the flu for 2 weeks will not make it to SA for a visit…..while you are away….cheers Judith XX

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