das Ende


Our last ride through the Tiergarten was to the Hauptbahnhof. The Tiergarten is an immense park with huge forested and open grassy areas. It has many paths that are heavily used by cyclists. It has been a great pleasure to ride here each day.

German train stations are wonderful places – they are full of bakeries and cafes, there are lifts to take you and your bicycle to the correct platform, there is clear information everywhere about arrivals and departures. We positioned ourselves on the part of the platform that should have meant easy embarkation into the bicycle carriage. However, even German systems have their glitches and, due to a last minute change, we had to dash to the other end of the train. Our bikes had specific reservations and had to be placed in the correct rack in the carriage.

Our train sped at over 200 km/hour towards Hannover. Our companion was Stijn, a young mechanical engineer from the Netherlands who had just completed his first bicycle tour on a bright yellow Cannondale, and is planning to do more. We changed trains in Hannover with about an hour to look around – and we teamed up with Lutz who had also travelled with his bike from Berlin. He is a retired English teacher who grew up in Hannover and still lives nearby. Lutz offered to be our guide for 1 hour and took us to see the old city, a church that remains without it roof as a reminder of the damage of WW2, and to the city hall where there are 4 scale models of Hannover, showing its development from medieval times, to the city prior to and post war damage and then the present. There was extensive bombing in the war that wrecked just about everything.

We have had many experiences of spontaneous help and kindness throughout our time in Germany. People take notice of temporary bewilderment, map reading and other signs that indicate you may be lost and do not wait to be asked for help.

Now we are back in Frankfurt, ready to pack up and return home. Our holiday has been wonderful. Tschuss to Germany, the people we have met and to friends old and new!

Our guide, Lutz, in Hannover

2 Responses to “das Ende”

  1. parksidestories Says:

    Ihre Blog war wunderbar! Vielen Dank!

  2. Sarah R Says:

    Thanks for your wonderful blog Rosalie & Ian. We’ve “lurked” and enjoyed holiday through your posts when they’ve arrived in our Inbox

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