Food glorious food


Enough with the multi-millennial archaeology. Let’s talk about food.

Our tuk tuk driver recommended an unprepossessing establishment for lunch today. We couldn’t find it even after being directed to the building! With further assistance, we mounted the stairs to a rather dingy dining room with a food counter where we selected on appearance (tending towards vegetarian after spotting some butcher shops in the last couple of days): fried rice, red rice, dhal, potato curry, egg-plant curry (really an excuse for the caramelised onions) and coconut sambal.

Everything was delicious! Cost? $3.60 including maybe 60c for a bottle of Elephant brand Ginger Beer.

Crazy cheap. Crazy good!

Last night we broke Bill Bryson’s golden rule of not eating-in in hotels and will do so again tonight. (Sorry Bill.) We had to order our meals before 5pm so that the mother of the household (or maybe some other locals) had time to cook our selection. The hotel rules warned guests that it can take up to two hours to cook a Sri Lankan curry. Fair enough and time very well spent from our perspective after eating the rice and curries, fruit salad and curd with treacle (the bottle said ‘coconut tricle’). Yummo again! Last night’s bespoke meal was maybe 10 times as expensive as lunch today very still very cheap.

We don’t seem very good at spotting eateries partly because no-one thinks much of outdoor dining unless they’re too destitute to have an alternative. Resolution: In future we’ll ask a tuk tuk driver maybe even catch a tuk tuk for that very purpose.

Is it dinner time yet?

One Response to “Food glorious food”

  1. Herman Vandecauter Says:

    Enjoy! Nice to read, I only get hungry now a bit to early………………;)

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