That’s all for now


We rode through Colombo, stopping in at the office on the way for another breakfast meeting. We were served, among other things, wood apple smoothie which tasted surprisingly delicious. Wood apples are loved by Sri Lankans and are on sale everywhere from roadside stalls and shops. They are pale and mottled with a very hard outer shell and brownish flesh that looks and smells unenticing. It’s all a matter of the correct presentation!

A potholed and bumpy road took us north out of the city, then on to a smooth concrete road along the coast between the sea and the Negombo Lagoon.

We are now back where we started in Negombo. Tomorrow the bikes will go back into the bags and we will be heading home.

Our holiday in Sri Lanka has been wonderful. See you all soon!


Our route:

7 Responses to “That’s all for now”

  1. Herman Vandecauter Says:

    Nice banana picture! It was nice following your adventures!

  2. Rosalind Powrie Says:

    Glad all is well you and bikes Rosalie see you soon Ros

  3. Peter Lavers Says:

    Great reading your touring adventures! Is there a job going working in your office? 🙂

  4. Taff Says:

    What a wonderful holiday…. Thanks for letting us tag along with you! Xx

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