Three rivers and a luncheon


An impatient contingent left early, dashing the hopes of others striving for a group photo. Too bad; the road and an almost perfect day beckoned. We rode through the forest to the Nederrijn (Rhine anabranch) in cold but still conditions under blue skies. We crossed the river on a bicycle ferry at Rhenen but not before a pause at a warm and very schmick cafe (coffee with cream, croissant, cheese twist and apple tart).


We took back roads through extensive tree nurseries and saw three storks (ooievaar) – one building a nest, one on the wing and one foraging – early birds but we expect to see many more in the next few weeks.

We had a wonderful welcome and lunch from Roelant and his family in Beusichem but we still had 50 km still to travel to Oisterwijk.


Half the party took to the trains while the remainder put our heads down. Monsieur Garmin guided us to a quite busy road without a bike path! It did have a reasonable sealed shoulder and a few local cyclists so we accepted our lot, picked up the pace and hoped for better circumstances later on.


We crossed the Waal River (Rhine anabranch) at Waardenburg and the Maas (Meuse) just before ‘s-Hertogenbosch. Restorative hot chocolates floating rafts of whipped cream at Den Bosch set us up for the final run to the Natuurvriendenhuis Morgenrood (Friends of Nature House) near Oisterwijk – another fabulous, huge, well-appointed hostel.

After off-loading, we cycled 200 metres back up the road to a hotel where we joined a jolly and slightly rowdy crowd with beer and bitterballen. Back at the hostel we finally got to tuck into the cheese platter we’d stocked up for a few days ago.

Today’s route




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