Bosch 500


It’s the 500th anniversary of the death of Hieronymus Bosch, famed 15th century artist of fantastical and monstrous creatures and the Garden of Earthly Delights, who was born in Den Bosch, only 20 km from our Morgenrood hostel. The people of The Netherlands are so enamoured of Hieronymus that almost all opportunities to view the exhibition or partake of any official activities are fully booked. We felt that the general HB atmosphere would be sufficient and set off early for town. Den Bosch did not disappoint – it’s full of banners, sculptures and HB images and with a significant improvement in the weather, it was a wonderful day to spend wandering around and taking it all in.

We all made the compulsory visit to Banketbakkerij Jan de Groot in order to consume Bosschebollen, a local delicacy consisting of a tennis ball-sized choux pastry filled with whipped cream and then completely covered in chocolate. Lekker!

Today’s route




One Response to “Bosch 500”

  1. rosalind powrie Says:

    Golly Gosch ( replace G with B)

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