Riding by numbers


A few days ago we could not have imagined that the weather would improve so quickly. We have gone from icy cold to sunny and warm in a couple of days, and the forecast is for warmer temperatures over the next week.

This morning was rubbish collection and recycling pickup in Oisterwijk. The people of The Netherlands know how to recycle correctly! The neat and clean state of every town is impressive. Oisterwijk has two churches, both immense for a small town.

I embarked on a solo ride with the aim of exploring the heath and swamplands near our hostel. There is a well-developed network of cycling trails throughout The Netherlands with detailed maps situated at key locations and a numbering system that identifies trail sections. It is possible to navigate using this system as the numbers are also displayed on signs along the way. I rode through varied landscapes in the nature reserve, then into farmland and neighbouring towns with only a few mistakes that required backtracking or re-routing. In the town of Liempde I came across a clog factory and was invited to have a quick look inside. It was a small operation with an impressive output – no robots have been brought in yet, all done by traditional methods.

We had a hilarious family outing to the hotel down the road that has 4 bowling lanes. With Abba, Toto and Michael Jackson playing at full volume, we bowled our best powered by big beers and bitterballen.

The kitchen at Morgenrood hostel provides a great opportunity for learning basic vocabulary as all the drawers and shelves are labelled – lepel=spoon, theelepelje=teaspoon. We are learning fast!




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