Fast boat to Rotterdam


It was a public holiday today (Liberation Day) and we did little cycling as we chose to take the waterbus from Dordrecht to Rotterdam (40 km, 1 hour, 6 euros, bikes free).

We were told to catch the waterbus from the Noah’s Ark landing stop 5 km downstream. Unfortunately that wasn’t such good advice as the huge but tacky ark had been moved to make way for a housing development. Consequently, there are no passengers for that stop anymore and few boats stop. After a 30 minute wait and a 5 minute, 2 euro trip we changed at Dordrecht Merwekade for Rotterdam. While we waited we enjoyed the urban wasteland environment including an abandoned open air night club and a Soviet-chic Trabant.

The ferry took us past the world-renowned Kinderdijk, many deep-laden barges, oil-drilling ships, the aforementioned Noah’s Ark and under the Erasmus bridge to the Rotterdam harbour. The Dutch rivers and canals are still an economic boon for freight transport.

The down-town Rotterdam bustle was boosted by passengers from a huge liner alongside the Holland Amerikakade wharf. We had a pleasant cycle about the city, found a great bakery for lunch and caught the ferry back to meet our Dutch friend Kees at the Friends of Nature House.

A party of 12 Belgians has arrived forcing two sittings in the dining room.

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