Part The Second


We formed a women’s team and recruited Janieke, granddaughter of Mien, Margaret’s 91 year-old friend since 1950. Coffee and apple tart on the Visbrug set us up for the 18km ride to Kinderdijk, a UNESCO World Heritage site with 19 windmills located close together on a polder. Their job was to keep the polder dry by pumping water into the River Lek. It is now a famous tourist destination but, in the civilised style of The Netherlands, you can only walk or cycle around the area so, despite the presence of many people, it was quiet and felt uncrowded.

We returned to Dordrecht on the Waterbus to indulge in more Dutch food. It was through keen observation that we spotted an excellent cafe where we indulged in poffertjes. Janieke, as our local guide, gave us excellent advice after the first plate was consumed: order another!

I have completed my first lesson as a Garmin navigator – go me! If you come with me you probably won’t get lost. There is a high level of technology usage among our group with social media being hammered pretty hard. Margaret writes her blog in analogue style on scraps of paper and opened-out paper bags from the newsagent. We are blissfully ignoring election related politics of Australia and elsewhere.

One Response to “Part The Second”

  1. Herman Vandecauter Says:

    Kinderdijk is a nice place whith the right light for photograchy & uking! 🙂
    Whay’s up in Belgium in between! (near the water-cycling path!

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