Island hopping


Well they used to be islands once, but are now joined by sea walls and re-engineered so much that they are no longer.

We have seen the coastal defences up close and can reassure everyone that they are being well maintained – there were work teams on the job today and we understand that new composites are now being used for greater strength and lower up-keep.

Peter, our Oostvoorne host, escorted us to the correct path towards the dunes and we set off. Sights: the red brick lighthouse Westhoofd near Ouddorp;  Dutch draft horses near Ellemeet – they are solidly built with massive hooves; in Noordwelle another church with a leaning steeple, held up by two buttresses; wide North Sea beaches; school classes out on excursion by bicycle – students and teachers decked out in hi-viz vests but no helmets of course; a few surf schools although the sea today was as flat as a pannenkoek.

We passed a pleasant hour or so in Middelburg, another town with fine square surrounded by cafes, with people of all ages gliding quietly past on their bikes.

Tonight we are in Serooskerke, hosted (WarmShowers) by Jan-Willem and Marianne and their son Jonas. We have again been treated to a lovely meal, good conversation and useful advice about tomorrow’s route into Belgium.

Today’s route




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