Far Breton


It’s not about the distance – it’s about food! Far Breton is a traditional dessert of this region (like thick baked custard with prunes) which we bought for second breakfast from a small patisserie in Le Guildo, along with a baguette, pain aux raisins and pain au chocolat. We started in on eating it at Quatre Vaux, overlooking a small beach. It is pretty rich – a small piece is enough to keep you going. We still have some left!

Today we have explored two small peninsulas, including the town of Saint-Cast-le-Guildo, Fort La Latte and Cap Frehel. There are several popular sandy beaches although today was quite cool and our host of last night, Karine, said that the water temperature is 12 degrees, so not much swimming is taking place. This area is full of les fruits de mer, les moules (mussels) and les huitres (oysters). It is also a holiday area for the well-heeled and for RV tourists who congregate in various locations in their enormous road hogging vehicles.

Cap Frehel is an area frequented by hikers. We encountered a walking group of mature aged French people resting and eating their lunch. Traffic conditions today were much improved from yesterday, but the terrain was hillier with a number of shortish climbs, some quite steep. We took a cider break in Hillion before arriving in Saint-Brieuc, a somewhat less chic town than St-Malo. Our hotel is called Ker Izel, Breton for house on the street.

Today’s route (approx)

2 Responses to “Far Breton”

  1. Rosalind Powrie Says:

    Oh Rosalie I love that prunie dessert x

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